“…the GOD who is WITH US is the GOD who FORSAKES us.” | Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Welcome to Bonhoeffer's New Type of Monasticism

For one year we're pushing Dietrich Bonhoeffer's malignant New type of Monasticism. Kicking it out of the domestication that emerging Christianity has surrounded it in. We're seeking to make it dangerous again. We're working on books and materials, collaborating with Thinkers and Collectives, and launching a new online space - all for the cause of a world without a Big Other.

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“I do not believe in God and I am not an atheist.”

― Albert Camus

Calender of Evénts:

Introduction to New Monasticism October 13 - November 13 2015 School of New Monasticism Paisley, Scotland
Book Tour October 9 - 10 2015  The (dis) Order of Secular Monasticism Cardiff, Wales
Book Tour October 16 - 17 2015  The (dis) Order of Secular Monasticism Belfast, Northern Ireland
Book Tour November 6 - 7 2015  The (dis) Order of Secular Monasticism Nottingham, England

Live Course Starting October 13th 2015

The Journey So Far

It was Alan Andrews iconic image, Internal Émigré (1986) which was the beginning of a language for the new type of monasticism we had been living and learning since 1978.

Internal Emigres copy 'The renewal of the church will come from a new type of monasticism which only has in common with the old an uncompromising allegiance to the Sermon on the Mount. It is high time men and women banded together to do this'

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, in a letter to his brother
(Paraphrased John T.Skinner 1980)

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Dietrich BonhoefferDietrich Bonhoeffer

Dietrich BonhoefferAn Enigma. A Heretic. A Clergyman. A Martyr. A man whose intense life testifies to the gravity of his words. Many have tried to understand him, many have sought to claim him, and many have trivialized him. A man who should make you uncomfortable.