Émigré is a metaphor we use to describe a way for living that has been foundational in the development of a new type of monasticism. Émigré captures the heart of new monasticism, the leaving behind of familiar and socially accepted ways of living to embrace a life of:

Availability, Vulnerability, Authenticity

Émigré points to our status in society, and our responsibility to participate in and pray for the spiritual, social and economic renewal of those communities in which we live through:

Integration, Identification, Participation.

Émigré is a new type of monasticism that has emerged outside of the traditional understanding of what it means to be part of the monastic community. New monasticism does not want to replicate or reject traditional monasticism which is a much older and wiser tradition. Émigré is an attempt to translate the essence of monastic living into a secular context through a way for living that is accessible to individuals, faith communities, business and NGOs.

The New Monasticism we know and have lived, has been a serious, sincere, poignant and at times a decidedly humorous attempt to answer the eternal question:

Who is it that you seek?

We must now give the same attention to what may be the most profound and urgent question of our time;

How do we live humanely in the midst of the fall?

John Skinner : An Introduction to a New type of Monasticism © 2007

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