Welcome to Bonhoeffer’s New Type of Monasticism

From Easter 2015 we are committing a full year to pushing Bonhoeffer’s New Type of Monasticism. Two books are in the pipe line. The first is a radical reflection on ‘The (dis) Order of Secular Monasticism, the second is a manual to accompany the online course: An Introduction to Bonhoeffers New Type of Monasticism.

In June 2015 we hosted a week with Prof Jack Caputo, a collision between his radical theology and Bonhoeffer’s NTM. This was part of the non-church event, a very exciting collaboration that is going on between theology, philosophy and psychoanalysis and one we are excited to take part in. We hope to have this event available online soon.

From October 13 – November 13 2015 we will be partnering with YWAM Paisley in Scotland to present an Introduction to Bonhoeffer’s New Type of Monasticism with 5 weeks of lectures on site. The lectures will be live streamed so you can join us online wherever you are in the world.

We hope to spend our weekends in the UK on a book tour starting in Wales and taking in Belfast and Nottingham. All good stuff….and a reflection of where we see our priorities. We are hoping we will get to hang out with more folk this year, on the tour, at our school in Paisley, or on line in our new virtual hang out.